Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay per click advertising can be a very powerful advertising tool if used correctly. People often try to do it themselves and wonder why they have such low success rates. Our professional PPC consultants will manage your budget to yield a return on investment by using all the features of this Internet Marketing system.

Traditional forms of advertising like Yellow Pages, Newspaper ads, flyers, and radio advertising are hard if impossible to track. PPC has some powerful tools that allow geo-targeting, language targeting, demographic targeting, custom scheduling and a whole lot more.

WSI Internet Marketing in Northampton will help you get the best out of Pay Per Click advertising tools to ensure the success of your campaign.

As well as working with Google Adwords, we also work with the other major advertising networks including Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing, and Facebook. This allows you to use a range of networks and tools to refine your PPC campaign.

How much does PPC Cost?

PPC advertising and marketing is very flexible and can be used by all sizes of company. You can start with a monthly budget of £50 and grow your investment when you see the success of this system. WSI Internet Marketing Northampton does not charge a setup fee but does have a monthly management fee. This management fee is determined by your campaign budget and is a fixed sum. We have no hidden charges and you will be able to accurately budget and measure Return on Investment.

PPC Landing Pages

An effective PPC campaign needs relevant landing pages to maximize the sales opportunities for your campaign. We specialize in optimizing the landing pages so that your advertising campaign has a greater chance of converting the site visitors into customers.