Internet Marketing Foundations


The first of our three 100% online marketing courses is where most people should start. Don’t feel discouraged if your background does not include marketing, because during this 8 week long basic foundations course, you will learn how to:

  • Plan a campaign professionally and efficiently
  • Utilize all platforms for marketing
  • Generate leads
  • Close sales

Report results with the upmost accuracy and in a way which proves useful for future campaigns.

This course provides the skeleton for internet marketing’s core principles:

  • Internet Campaign planning
  • Paid search
  • SEO Basics

This is just the beginning. And while these courses will benefit every aspect of a large company and sales team, it is designed for the individual looking to increase their professional value. By learning step-by-step, the ways to exhaust analytics and metric measurement, you will be fully qualified to the next step into affiliate marketing.

As an example, eMarketSphere will showcase a real company called Boots on the Roof. ‘Boots’ was an out-of-the-box idea that became a successful business model when these exact marketing strategies were applied. They currently are a much larger company, dominating their competition in less than a year.


This is an interactive 100% online course which includes how-to video content and exercises. Students will study at a pace which suits their individual needs while instructors are always available for help. Expect to commit approximately 12 hours a week to this course.

Please Note: To get the full benefit of this course, complete the entire Master Certificate in Internet Marketing and allow us to assist you in job placement.


  • How to generate revenue quickly
  • Build Internet Campaigns on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and MSN.
  • Measure, analyze and improve campaign performance
  • Learn strategically how to analyze website traffic and set up metrics to measure your marketing campaigns.
  • Dominate the local search market
  • Tackle the local search market and ensure your business has an optimum placement to receive maximum ROI.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization to get free leads & Sales
  • Maximize your website for free traffic from the search engines.
  • Learn Web Analytics to get a competitive advantage over your competition
  • Learn how to set up a KEY PERFORMANCE indicators (KPI) to analyze and measure website traffic.
  • Case study
  • Witness how a real profitable organization used Internet Marketing to generate a majority of its revenue